As India readies to take on the world…
…a new league of extraordinary individuals has evolved…
These individuals at the helm of the outstanding success of their organizations and create a new role for India on the world stage. The knowledge, vision and acumen with which these wizards are empowering cross border M&As, partnering world's biggest organizations and driving businesses across nations has truly revolutionized the roles of their community globally.

This league has managed India's global aspirations with such precision that they are now the nation's global ambassadors! These men and women who are doing everything it takes to make India the world business hub are none other than the champions of India's fast evolving CFO community. Saluting their spirit of achievement and recognizing their contribution to Brand India.. .the CNBC-TV18's CFO Awards returns for the 6th year in a row to recognize excellence in the financial field.

Join us in this celebration of excellence as the stellar leaders and visionaries who have led the new India to the global center stage are felicitated by their peers and the members of the CFO Award's Grand Jury.

Watch the CFO Awards telecast only on CNBC-TV18 at these times.

3rd March 5.30pm & 4th March 5.00pm